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Supermon Superman Logo Shirt . heavenshirt At least three guys that I know lost their virginity in that secret room, and I have no idea how many girls did, too. The room became low-key famous, and soon was decorated with neon beer signs, posters, and a couple of couches and rugs that we salvaged from friends and neighbors, and then moved into the  moreover I love this secret room when his mother wasn’t home. It was epic, there were lots of great parties and afterparties, and many nights spent sleeping off the alcohol on those couches. The gig was finally up at high school graduation when a number of folks mentioned the playroom in my buddy’s yearbook, and his mother happened to read the kudos and thanks to that folks had written. “Thanks for the playroom, man!!” “Buddy, what a great party we had in the playroom!” Needless to say, I got real drunk real fast. I was dating back then, and the party eventually moved into the apartment since it got late and the party room had closed.

Supermon Superman Logo Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Supermon Superman Logo  Classic Women's T-shirt
Supermon Superman Logo Classic Women’s
Supermon Superman Logo  Long Sleeved T-shirt
Supermon Superman Logo Long Sleeved
Supermon Superman Logo  Unisex Sweatshirt
Supermon Superman Logo Unisex Sweatshirt
Supermon Superman Logo  Unisex Hoodie
Supermon Superman Logo Unisex Hoodie
Classic Men's
Classic Men’s
Supermon Superman Logo Shirt . heavenshirt I can’t say I remember anything other than being in the elevator, but I was told, the following morning, a very curious series of events. After that, I was also told that my best friend and girlfriend took me to my bed at one moment, because I was getting sleepy from all the alcohol. It seems we were chatting for a while before I started to caress my friend’s thighs, as I’d do with my girlfriend. I had them confused and was making a move towards my best friend right in front of my girlfriend!! I was really frightened after hearing this, feeling like I didn’t have control over myself. When he finished my haircut he put his scissors down in full view behind me. Answers a phone call. he had to move away from the area l was sitting 2 hairdressers we’re hovering around checking out the Scissors. I continued reading a magazine at the time. Not thinking the Worst. He walked back to me and noticed straight away the Scissors were Gone. Yes, he was upset could not believe what had happened thought it was a Joke. No, it wasn’t. So while I was picking out oranges, I happened to look up to see this man walked in with a cart. As he stopped at the apple section, I saw this lady grab his cart and started pushing it away. I can’t believe that this lady just grabbed his cart right under him!
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